Our Beliefs

Our motto is clear and our focus sharp; to help you go FURTHER FASTER in every area of your life. We are here to accelerate the great commission, and the way we have set out to achieve this is by helping you activate the best of you. All of our services and ministries focus on equipping you to lead a life that demonstrates His transformational power. We want you to live purposefully, passionately, abundantly, victoriously, and above all, do this while loving unconditionally.



Everything we do, we do according to our internal code. Every message we teach, every outreach we work, and every interaction we engage in, you’ll find us living these values throughout. Church is not a building, but indeed a people, in other words you. Therefore, we do not take building His church lightly. Learn more about our code and how we can mobilize the Kingdom of God together.



Greatness demands boldness and reinvention. At Acceleration Church we know that greatness in this era requires bold ambition, curious talent, and a culture that believes the greatest of works has yet to be done (John 14:12). We approach ministry holistically, strategically, and with a relentless commitment to expansion.


Our Ministries

You'll find something for everyone in your family. There is no greater strength than that of unity and we want to make sure everyone connected to you has something they can look forward to at Acceleration Church.