We have truly seen the anointing of acceleration manifested in the lives of those who have partnered with Acceleration. Here are but a few of the testimonies:

• 5 marriages have been restored through counseling and prayer.
• Over 100 people have given their life to Christ and rededicated their salvation.
• 6 members have received promotions and are now earning $100k+ salaries.
• 3 members purchased new homes. 1 family is in the process of building their new home.
7 members started new businesses; from commercial real estate, to salons, to catering, and
even franchises.
• 30 families were adopted and provided full thanksgiving meals.
• Over 100 children were given free school supplies.
• Countless homeless families were given food, bibles, blankets and prayer




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The outreach we have done and do. Hurricane clean up photos, Youth outings, Homeless assistance, STEM program, Thrift Store and more.